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At the Monarch’s Convenience is a serial radio drama that revolves around the fictional “Monarch’s Convenience Store.” As a drama reflects the neighbourhood of Winnipeg’s West End in every conceivable way. Its content, format, and style are drawn from the life found on the streets.

It can be gritty realism and then turn on a dime to be funny and surreal. At the Monarch’s Convenience is a quilt of experience, drama and art, it is oral story telling, the passing on of history and the creation and re-discovery of the hero’s, myth’s and legends that are Winnipeg’s heart and soul.

The people who create At the Monarch’s Convenience are all volunteers and come directly from the neighbourhood. They come together with a shared love and commitment to the West End. They have artistic sensibilities, politics and experiences that are as sharply divided and (at times) in conflict as daily life on the streets of Sargent and Ellice, but they find a way to get along and create something that is beautiful, moving and worthy of their time and effort.

Just like the West End.